President's Message

Shannon Coryell, RE/MAX

One of the things I love most about November is the dedication many people have to being mindful of the things we are thankful for in our lives. As I sat down to write this message, my first thought was this: not many networking groups are comprised of such a great mix of warm and welcoming people, and I’m thankful that all of you choose to spend your lunch hour with us every month!  

To kick off the holiday season, we will be doing our annual gift bags again. We will provide the bags, and you are welcome to bring a small gift (think 25 items to promote your business) to drop in each bag. This is not mandatory, and you don’t have to feel obligated to bring anything. If you decide to, you can drop your items off when you get to the room, and everyone can pick a bag up on their way out.

I look forward to seeing all of you on November 16!